2. Great Blue Turaco
    Recording by: Adam Clark
    20 July 1988
    Great Blue Turaco — Corythaeola cristata
    ML 55505          © 2014 Cornell University

    Additional Species: Hadada Ibis (2:08), Black-billed Turaco (2:27)


  3. Black and White Colobus
    Recording by: Mary Sue Waser
    30 Sept 1974
    Guereza — Colobus guereza, 
    Uganda, Kabarole
    ML 170599       © 2014 Cornell University


  4. Redtail Monkey
    Recording by: Mary Sue Waser
    28 Dec 1973
    black-cheeked white-nosed monkey — Cercopithecus ascanius
    Uganda, Kabarole
    ML 170524    © 2014 Cornell University


  5. "The Chorus of Kibale" is on sale now! Visit the Eric Losh Illustration Store for your copy! Proceeds benefit UNITE for the Environment and Primate Education Network!



  7. The dawn chorus of Kibale National Park.

    [Audio recording by Michelle Brown, PhD, and the National Science Foundation]


  8. Eric Losh in Kibale National Park, Uganda. September 2013


  9. Author and illustrator Eric Losh shares “The Chorus of Kibale” with rangers from the Kibale Association for Rural and Environmental Development (KAFRED) Bigodi Tourism program. 


  10. The ‘Chorus’ has arrived in Kibale National Park! My fiance Meghan and I had an amazing time while traveling in Uganda in September 2013. We had the opportunity to visit one of “The Chorus of Kibale’s” partnering organizations UNITE for the Environment in Fort Portal, where we met with director Michelle Slavin and educators Chance and Brod. They were excited to receive a donation of books for their school’s conservation education activities, and we took a tour of the facilities to learn about their student-run beehives and ‘keyhole’-style gardens.